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Mike Wang rattled off a bunch of tweets explaining NBA 2K22 gameplay improvements BUT the tweets were just deleted!?!?!?

Was he not supposed to release the info? Was something he said incorrect?

The more days that pass, the more I'm starting to believe NBA 2K22 is going to be delayed....

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Remember when I said β€œif Luka became the cover athlete of NBA 2K22, Reddit runs NBA 2K’s decisions?!?! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚... what are y’all thoughts on the new cover?

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Fist bump?

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The Best 2K of all time is:

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🚨$100K ON A GAME OF KNOCKOUT GOING LIVE AT 8PM ET! Spam the comments and show some love! >

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Badge grind almost complete. Got a few more shooting badges then it's time to hop on the park. I just dropped a NBA 2K21 meme video tonight if if you need something to watch while you grind.

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Recorded some Pro-Am a few days ago but lost the audio. Scrapped the video for now. Spend the last couple days working on a NBA 2K20 discord meme video I just dropped though. Unlike what I usually upload so let me know what yall think πŸ˜‚

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Was away for 5 days recording a bunch of videos yall will see soon! But until then, I just dropped a meme video on the channel.

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Getting real consistent with the podcast. Give it a chance if you haven't already. There's no filter. It'll be a lot of things I can't say on this channel we get a chance to talk about on @Peer To Peer . Just dropped our first guest podcast with @JustFanum .
Channel name is: Peer to Peer

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