Let's find out who is the better SNAKE EYES! Catch the stream from our friends at Paramount Pictures as Henry Golding a.k.a SNAKE EYES plays Fortnite with Leslie Fu, Brooke AB, and 100 Thieves.

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@Reisshub and ShyoWager take a look at the top trios from NAW, NAE, and EU Regions Series Leaderboards and how they think they'll perform in the Semi-Finals!

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If they won't give us what we want. Then we'll take it ourselves.

3.16.2021. #FortniteSeason6

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Oh we’ll see about that...

3.16.2021 @/fortniteseason6

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He’s given everything to the Order... and for what?

3.16.2021. @/fortniteseason6

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@Reisshub and ShyoWager take us through who some of these titans are this season and what makes them a superteam to look out for.

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Did you know there is a Mirror Zone?!

@Reisshub and ShyoWager have got you covered with all the info in the latest Analyst Breakdown.

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Listen in as @Reisshub , ShyoWager, and HelloKittyLink break down early game aggression for two trios and how that resulted to a successful endgame.

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Listen in as @shyowager breaks down the low ground performance of the XSET Trio (XSET Av, XSET Shark, and XSET Knight) from this past weekend.

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